The mission

Simply put, we’re trying to cut out the middlemen that are causing both car sellers and car traders to lose out financially.

Between a customer selling their car through traditional options and a trader later buying that same vehicle at auction, up to three businesses in the middle would profit along the way creating a price increase often in the thousands.

As traders ourselves that didn’t sit right with us, so we created The Car Buying Shop – a platform that links car sellers and car traders directly.

How we generate leads

Brothers Leon and Calvin have worked hard for over a decade to build a well-established and reliable car buying service, backed by a strong social media following and high customer satisfaction.

Calvin in particular is well-known in the car world, especially throughout the UK, due to his success on YouTube under his channel Calvin’s Car Diary, amassing over 230,000 subscribers and 50 million views.

Our social media marketing strategy and Calvin’s audience on both YouTube and Instagram, combined with our ethos of always putting the customer first, has resulted in hundreds of enquiries and valuations a week. Our job is to now connect each of those sellers to become-a-buyers across the UK.

Join us today!

Here at The Car Buying Shop we are looking for well-established car traders to purchase cars and vans direct from the public using our trusted brand.

As we’re sure you can appreciate we vet our licenses thoroughly to ensure they meet the high standards we expect. Therefore when filling out the form below, please ensure you give as open and detailed answer as possible.

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