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Unlike other car buying services, at each of our locations is an independent car trader.

Simply put, we’ve found working with the right traders ensures the best price and experience for our customers, as they’re both more familiar with the market itself and more motivated to buy.

Each of our Approved Traders are cherry-picked individuals that closely match our brand’s values.

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Common questions when selling my car

Yes, we don’t keep the plates ourselves we simply just leave them on the car. If you have a private reg though and would like to take it off you’ll need to do this prior to sale. DVLA can sometimes take up to 4 weeks to send you your new V5 so allow a bit of time for this.

Yes we do. Scrap value differs so much. If a car is simply ready for the scrap pile, we pay it’s value in weight minus the delivery cost to the scrap yard. If however, your car has just ran out of mot and is still fit to be on the road we’ll pay more than scrap value with intentions of keeping it on the road.

Yes, the values given on our website aren’t based on it being subject to a total loss though. To get a more accurate valuation call your local car buying shop who will be happy to help.

Since October 2014 road tax laws changed slightly. After we’ve bought your car we fill in the yellow trade slip on the V5. It is your duty to send this off. The DVLA will update their system to ensure you are no longer registered as an owner and if there is any road tax left on your vehicle they’ll refund you every full month owed.

We can clear any finance you owe on the day of purchase. The remaining amount will be sent to you instantly. If you owe more than the price agreed we take the overpayment on card. All payments will be arranged upon the sale.

Most cars have damage, that is expected. Anything unreasonable will be deducted. We use the word unreasonable because a key scratch or bumper damage on a 10 year old car is expected but on a 2 year old car, probably not. The best thing is to just pop down and let us see it because it’s probably no even as bad as you think.

We do need your original V5C document if we are to buy your car. If you don’t have one though we will need a replacement form of ID, for example a bank statement or council tax bill.

We appreciate that this can be a difficult time for all concerned and we want to make this an easy process for you. You can sell a surplus car however the correct authority or documentation would need to be in place. If you would like to discuss your individual circumstance, please contact your local shop.

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Richard Johnson Richard Johnson Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

I had to sell my uncles car for him. The whole process was so easy from start to finish. Gave me a good price and arranged for it to be picked up at a time that was convenient.

I would definitely recommend The Car Buying Shop for a no hassle and easy experience.

Katy Vernon Katy Vernon Katy Vernon
Katy Vernon

I dealt with the sale of my Alfa Romeo Mito. Appointment was very quick, money was in my account within 20 minutes and the whole process was smooth.

I would definitely recommend The Car Buying Shop. Thanks so much.

Jade Oliver Jade Oliver Jade Oliver
Jade Oliver

Cannot recommend The Car Buying Shop enough after such a quick, stress free and professional process.

I was given a great price and money in my account instantly. Excellent service!